How to send money

We know how much your money is important for your family and friends, FetanPays is here to send money fastly and securely. Here is how you can send online: -


Step 1

Register in the system if you are first time user. It is simple self-guided.

Step 2

Choose where do you need to send to? We have Ethiopia and Eritrea for the time being.

Step 3

Enter how do you want the beneficiary receive it?  Cash pickup or Bank deposit or Mobile Money

Step 4

Enter the amount you want to send.  Our sending fee is small and the exchange rate is updated.

Step 5

Enter your card details and submit. All done, simple, congratulation.

we are here to assist

Now, it is your turn. Use the secured and fast system to send money for your beloved family or friends or any of your good purpose. We are always available to assist and answer any of your question. We love our customers.