FetanPays limited is UK based FinTech startup company planning to establish money transfer business which will provide a cost effective, faster, secured, and compliant proofed payments for Ethiopian and Eritrean origin diaspora clients living in the UK. The business is initiated by two professionals who have huge experience in business start up and FinTech.

Our Vision

FetanPays has a vision to expand quickly in Middle East, USA, Australia, Canada and Africa as major corridors of money transfer to Eastern Africa. The timing directly suite with East Africa political settlements between neighboring countries. FetanPays is using a secured, fast, state of art Money Transfer Platform to license/purchase which bullet-proofed through FCA.

Meet the Team

FetanPays established by professionals who have ample of experience in FinTech, business set up and system development.  FetanPays board of directors are very keen to deliver fast, smooth and safe customer services.